The Gift of Boredom

In our busy lives, we are programmed to be busy. There is honor in being active now. That means being busy even when we are not at work. There are chores, and social events that keep us running

Adults and children both seem to be distracted by their gadgets, they are not interacting with others as much. Everyone is talking or playing with their phones. Even when they are in the presence of their families and friends.

Guess what? The long lazy days of summer, when children rode their bikes, played pick up games of baseball, watched insects doing their jobs are gone. Children are being herded from one activity to the next. Where is the down time? It is important that children can let their imaginations run wild, make up stories and games. And that is where boredom comes in. They have to supply the activity

It is in the in between times, when the parties are over, everyone has gone home that the creative ideas come to life. That is why it is so important to have down time.