Frieda Ferrick

Are you feeling middle aged and wondering who were you meant to be? Have you always taken care of everyone else while overlooking yourself? Is your life pushing you to finally become truly authentic? Are you not sure what that even means?

Santa Rosa Counselor-Frieda Ferrick-MFTIt still isn’t easy for women to do it all. We often just fall into living the roles we’re handed, and then we wake up one day and feel unsatisfied, as if our own lives have passed us by.

There’s a quiet desperation that begins to grow, and a question that starts to press on mind and heart and soul is – where did I go? I never thought my life would turn out like this.

If you’re feeling that question, if there’s uneasiness in your emotions or uncertainty of direction in your mind, I’d like to help you through this transition time.

You may have recently sent your youngest child off into the world and find yourself now searching for who you are without that moment to moment need to parent. Perhaps you have gone, or are going through a divorce that’s leaving you drained, disconnected, and discouraged – and with a new desire to reinvent who you are and what you want.

Maybe you’re of an age where loss of your own parents and friends is getting more common. As you experience their deaths, you might be thinking about how your own youth, ambition, or vision of yourself seems to have vanished while you were busy taking care of everyone else. It’s painful, and you may be struggling with feeling alone, uncertain where to turn.

I understand. I help women like you everyday. I know you are finally beginning to be in a position to pay attention to who you are and how you want to become for a change – for the transformation of your life.

All around you big important things are happening or opening up for others, and they can change for you, too. You may even see yourself on the brink of some big moment of your own. You might be apprehensive about taking the first step, and that’s okay. You’re moving into a process of creating the new you. It won’t be an overnight transformation, and you deserve some help with the transition.

I’ll be at your side all the way. Your new life is waiting. Shall we get started?  Contact me now!