1. What are the benefits of paying for my therapy out of pocket?

Therapy should be private, and the client should have as many sessions as she/he feels would be helpful without having to deal with the restrictions of insurance.
Insurance companies ask many questions of the therapists which are personal. Paying out of pocket is a real commitment to your well being, and your mind, body and emotions will know you’re serious about getting better.


2. What is the fee for a session?

A session is $125.00 starting October 1, 2015

3. How long is a session?

A session is 50-55 minutes.


4. What is the value of coming every week?

The more quickly I get to know you, the faster you can get what you need. The relationship between client and therapist develops best when a consistent day and time are scheduled each week. Coming every week helps you gain more useful insights, and apply more practical skills. It shortens the amount of time that therapy is needed.


5. How long will it take until I feel better?

Every client and their needs are different. It is not possible to predict how long your particular process will take until you feel better. Factors that contribute to faster progress are: your openness with me and our ease with each other, your consistent efforts in applying the suggestions we develop together in session, your desire and motivation for change coupled with my expertise in guiding you through the rough spots.

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