Kintsuigi: The Art of Repairing the Broken

Sometimes events in our lives get worse before they get better.  It may  seem hard to hear, but if you think about it, many things in our lives work out that way.  For example, when we learn to drive, we are  awkward at first, yet over time we become more accomplished.  As we  learn math, music or  language,s  it takes time before we get more comfortable with what we are learning.

The broken parts of our lives and ourselves can be healed and made  whole through the hard work of processing, contemplation,  and diligent  conscious effort.  The Japanese have a philosophy of repairing broken vases, cups, bowls and  pottery with gold. They then say, that  piece of pottery is stronger than it was before. Out of something that was once broken, it becomes a beautiful and useful piece of useful art.

Isn’t that like our lives, we have had heart ache and loss and as we come through it, we are stronger than we were before.  We can perceive  our broken pieces as a mess, or we can see it as a creative process that helps us to become more authentic.  So what do you have to lose by trying this method of repairing your life?