New Beginnings, New Possibilities

Well the holidays are now over, all the excitement, the bustle, the worrying about getting it all done. For some, there might be a feeling of slight blueness, let down.

Now there is still winter to contend with. The days are still shorter and the nights long. In some areas of our country it will be cold for the next four months.

How do you keep your spirits up? It might feel like there is no way you can start new projects. You might not feel ready or able to start something new. But you can start planning. You can write, do research, talk to trusted friends and family members. You can get your creative juices going and add some excitement to your winter.

Maybe you have always wanted to learn something and you never thought you could, or you had limited time or resources. There are so many ways to go about this. But I will tell you this, if you don’t start somewhere, even if you fail, you will always have regrets.

Take a class at your community college, go online, find a way to learn how to write that short story, or journal or paint, or learn a musical instrument.

It will only add to your delight and to your spirit of adventure.

Don’t let the negative nay sayers in your mind or in your life, stop you.