Frieda L. Ferrick, Santa Rosa Counseling: Grieving the Loss of a Child

There is no loss as shocking and devastating as the death of one’s child.  It is a war of the senses and your whole world is turned upside down  You will not be the person you were.

The grief that wells up is deep and primal. There can be a feeling of injustice and unfairness.  How could this happen to an innocent child?

Whether it be an illness, or an unfortunate  accident the death of a child is terrible.

You might be shaken to your core of your being.  There is a sense of dis-belief and such loss.

Everyone’s reaction is different.  So it will hit you, a family member, a friend differently.

Some people are in their mourning right away.  Some people are in shock and seemingly go around taking care

of business yet feel so dead inside. It may be the only way you can keep going on is to keep busy.

So, what do you do, you slowly re-group, take all the time you need to be sad.  There is no quick fix.

Some people want to be in a group with other grieving parents.  Some people are more private.  Some people will talk to a counselor.

Take care and try to reach out to your family and friends.    The only thing I know to be true is that over time, things change.