The Holidays Are Almost Here!

Some people really dread the beginning of the holiday season.  It feels stressful, and sometimes brings up old feelings from those childhood years of scenes from hell or scenes of indifference.  People can feel like they have to recreate a beautiful holiday memory every year and work too hard to create it so that they cannot even enjoy the day when it comes.

So, if this sounds familiar, my thoughts and challenge to you, is how can you change this?   How can you make it beautiful, serene, and meaningful?  I suggest:

1.  Change your expectations, if you are alone, create an oasis of peace and beauty for yourself.

2.  If you are sharing the holidays with family and/or friends, simplify it so you do not become overwhelmed.

3.  If you had very little growing up, you will not make up your childhood by spoiling your children with many gifts.

4.  Think about what you are thankful for in this past year.

5.  What still needs to be changed and what can you do to move forward in your life?

Holidays will come every year.  There is a blend of joyfulness and hype from the media and stores.  You get to choose how to spend the holidays.

Remember, you can say no to people, you can take back the traditions you want, or change it around.

I wish you all, peace and good will during this season.