We are Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Beings

There are four levels to us human beings, actually probably more that I am not even aware of.  But I am going to address the levels that I know and think about. What I know to be true is that when we are out of balance, all of our different levels seem to do more poorly.

Our mental level is the part of us that thinks, that part that helps us solve problems and issues.  It is the part that helps us with cross word puzzles, adding up numbers, reading, studying and on and on.  It is the part of us that sometimes has chatter that is not always helpful to us.  It can distract us from our feelings and what we really need to work on.

The physical part of us, our bodies, is what keeps us moving.  Sometimes our emotional issues will come out as not feeling well, having headaches, feeling stressed in our muscles.  It is important to remember that our bodies are not entities that exist all by themselves.

The emotional part of us contains  those amazing feelings that pop up, sometimes without us even realizing that there is something important going on in our lives!  Our feelings are the clues to what is happening on all the different levels of ourselves.  It is important to pay attention to our feelings they are the gift we have as human beings.  These feelings allow us to experience love,  joy, sorrow , anger, frustration, envy and so on.

The spiritual part of us is the part that connects us to the divine.  It is the part of us that wonders about life and what is beyond life.  Sometimes if we don’t pay attention to this part of ourselves, it gets malnourished and shrivels up, leaving us to feel like something is wrong and missing from our lives.

Self-care is not being selfish.  It is important so we can do the important work we have in front of us.  It allows us to be strong and healthy.  When we feel right with ourselves then we can be more effective in our relationships and be more creative  at our work place.

Human beings are amazingly complex.  I invite you to the life long journey of curiousity, creativity, and self-care as you travel down the path of your life.  Here is to a long and healthy life!