The Holidays are Upon Us

The Holidays are Upon Us

The holidays can bring joy or sadness, stress or delight.  It depends where you are in your life cycle.  Are you busy with many balls to juggle so it feels like more for you to do?  Are you alone during the holidays or had a loved one die, so celebrating seems unreal and over the top?

If the holidays are a joy and a delight, great!  Can you be a little sensitive to those who are not happy without giving your joy away?  Just be kind,  that alone can be helpful.  I say enjoy the holidays with all of your heart, being sad will not help anyone anyway!

If you are lonely, are there activities you can do that will fill your heart and help you?  Some people volunteer to help, go to movies, concerts, coffeehouses to be around joyful activity.  Fill your home with warmth and color.  Talk to someone, a friend, a counselor, a religious leader.  You don’t have to be entirely alone, though I do ask you to think about being alone and doing enjoyable things.

Christmas is one night and one day but it might see forever.   Chanukah is 8 days but that will pass also

What can you do to make your life feel richer and less lonely?  I hope you can find activities that can help you through this time of year.  I think it being colder and darker earlier can make this time also more difficult.

I hope you can find ways to make this time of year a little more joyful

Take care of yourself, eat healthy (as possible), exercise, get enough sleep.  That alone will help a little.