Are You A Woman In Transition?

Are you  a woman going through change and wondering, what is going on with me?   Are you feeling overwhelmed and thinking, why am I feeling so emotional.  I am here to tell you  that you are not alone.  There are many women out there worrying and feeling apprehensive about making changes in their lives.

Whether you  are going through a divorce, children leaving home, aging parents there are changes coming your way.  Being prepared can help you weather what is coming your way in a healthier way.

Women many times get so busy with life and chores that it is easy not to take the time necessary to take care of oneself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Time passes and many times these questions can arise such as, where did I go,  who am I and what do I  really  want to do with the rest of my life?

So the first step you can take is to start paying attention to your thoughts and feelings.  Try to pay attention as you prepare for your day.  I would recommend that you  give yourself time either in the morning or at night where you can write, meditate or pray and have some time for your inner expressions.

If you are more of an active person, taking a walk in the morning can clear your head and sometimes some inner wisdom then has time to float to the surface.  This is similar to meditating or writing, you still can connect with your inner self.

Through out time women have connected with other women and shared their lives and thoughts with each other in  informal settings. In the past women would help each other out and get social time by sewing, canning and or quilting.  These days women connect with each other through coffee dates, lunches and sometimes by having regular times to meet and talk.

Take the time you deserve and need to figure out how to make the rest of your life work for you.  Also remember that you can talk to a licensed counselor if you feel overwhelmed and need a calm, quiet place to work out whatever issues may be coming up for you at this crucial time of your life.