Spending Money, Does It Really Help You Feel Better?

Sometimes when you are feeling down, lonely and/or depressed, you might get the urge to shop. What are some of your thoughts as you drive over to the mall and start looking at clothes, shoes, furnishings, jewelry or whatever. You will write checks or use your credit card. It will feel exciting in the moment. It can feel as though all is well in your world. Then you take all your great stuff home. Perhaps you show someone what you got, or you  might hide it out of shame. But whatever you do, after time passes you are still left with yourself. You are still left with your feelings and then you are left with having to pay for these items andthe possibility that  you  went over  your budget.

Spending money can feel exciting, it can take the edge out of feeling lonely and depressed.  But when the night comes whatever issues you have will still be there.  Plus you will have to pay for what you bought.
So now the question is, can you bear to look at what really is going on with you? Can you have the courage to look beyond the obvious,  look deep inside your being and deal with your real issues?

There can be possible unhappiness in your relationship(s), work, or unresolved deep painful feelings about yourself.  So what are some ways that you can start to work on your issues?  Well the first step is admitting you have a problem.  Then there is a variety of ways to deal with your spending money.  If you live with someone the second step is admitting to him or her that you are needing help with your spending.  Another step is to make a spending plan but really you might need to do more than that if this has been going on for awhile.  You might need to talk to a professional counselor to start the steps you need  to  move forward in your life.