Do You Hold Grudges? Have Trouble Letting Go?

Are you dissatisfied with some  or all of your relationships? Is it hard for you to move on?  Does it seem that you are angry for a long time at someone?  Is it starting to affect your life?  I wonder if you realize that  these feelings are holding you back in your life.  Here are some ideas to help you change something that you have lived with for a long time.

Sometimes it may seem as though other people are letting you down so you hold on to your feelings even though it is not helping you really understand what is going on with you.  Perhaps it is easier to just be angry than to look more deeply at what really is going on.

Here are some questions to help you sort out if you are holding on to something that is not healthy for you or if you are.

1.  Is it hard for you to let go of your angry feelings?
2.  Do you seem to not be able to celelebrate other people’s happy occasions?
3.  Do you feel unhappy most of the time?
4.  Are you ready to make some changes?
5.  How do you let go and move on?

The first most important realization is to understand that you are unhappy and ready to make some type of change.  The second thing is what are you going to do now?  Making changes can seem overwhelming if you do too many changes at the same time.  It helps to make a plan and work on small effective changes.

That saying baby steps, may have seemed silly but taking small steps can help you make changes and not feel so overwhelmed.

Today is the day you can start making those changes.  You can try it on your own or you can receive professional help to help you move out of the rut you are in and move forward in your life.