Are You Looking For A Counselor and Feel Confused?

Have you been thinking about finding a counselor to speak to?  Have you have been checking websites, talking to friends and you feel almost ready to pick up the phone to make an appointment?.  But who do you pick and how do you figure out who to choose?

First of all, you either get a referral from someone you trust or you goggle  counselors  in your area.  Look at the counselors’ websites and get a feel for who they are and what they offer.

Then pick up the phone and make an appointment. Or you can email the counselor if you are  more  comfortable with communicating  by writing.

If you go meet the counselor, here are some tips.  You want to feel that the counselor understands the issues that you are coming in with.  You want to feel safe, and you want to feel that you can trust this person.  If for any reason, in the first session, you feel uneasy, check in with yourself and figure out if you are just nervous or if you are picking up something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you are feeling uncomfortable and that it is not workable for you to see this person, then try someone else.  Sometimes it takes a few times before you really know if this person is right for you  or not.  Sometimes it takes the first session.

If you feel ok about how it is going, give it a try.

Trust me there are many of us around and you should feel good about your choice.

Welcome to the journey of self exploration. There are no stupid questions. Please ask the potential counselor(s) the questions that are important to you.  I wish you the best and I hope it works for you.