Fear of Failure

The fear of failing keeps most of us from following our dreams.  We worry about not succeeding, not following through, people laughing at us, so we quietly keep doing what is comfortable for us.

What would happen if we pushed through our fears,  if we kept working on doing what our hearts wanted us to do?  We might fail a few times but we might also create something wonderful or not.  But we would have given it our best and that is always a good thing to do.

If you think about scientists and mathematicians, they do projects and they fail on a regular basis.  They go back to their labs and they try all over again when an  experiment  fails.  If they didn’t do, for an example,  we wouldn’t have penicillin, and polio vaccinations.  Another example of having to fail over and over again are all the inventions over the years that have given us so much, such as telephones, cars, airplanes, computers, the list goes on and on.

There is some reality about what we chose to try and perhaps fail at. If I don’t have an aptitude for math, I might not be able to come up with a new math formula.  But if I want to try making jewelry, or learning how to throw pots, writing a story and having it published why shouldn’t I go for it.  Who stands in our way besides ourselves?  Family and friends who might be afraid for us could discourage us.  But the only way we will ever move on in our lives is to give it a try.  To work and work at something until we come up with a finished product.

Of maybe we have an idea that we want to grow into a business.  How will we know what works and what doesn’t if we don’t give it a try. Perhaps finding a mentor that is experienced in this field can help us move ahead.

We are imperfect beings in an imperfect world.  There is no way we will always get something right.  But if we don’t try we will always wonder if we could have achieved our dreams.