Trust Vs. Control

If you come from a family where there was alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, poverty there is a higher incidence of  fear, neglect and or abuse.  If this happened in your family, I want to share with you that you may be doing the best you can.  If you have been labelled someone who is controlling, there could be a very good reason why.

In order to trust outcomes in life and people, it helped if you came from a stable loving background.  If you didn’t and life was chaotic, you might think if you are on top of every detail, if you keep things smooth and steady then bad things won’t happen to the family you have created.

You may be working very hard to have things be just right.  If you are uptight, sad, fearful, it is important for you to get support and get help around these very issues.  It is no picnic to have to keep everything going and believe me when I say, it does not have to be this hard.

The first person that is important to learn to trust is you.  You have inner wisdom but you may need help tapping into it.  As you learn to trust yourself and your decisions,  there could be a real sense of relief that helps you to let go of the need to control every aspect of  your life.

What you may learn over time that there are some things you have control over and many things that you do not have control over.  As you accept yourself, you will learn to appreciate what you do have and let go of unrealistic expectations of yourself and of  other people in your life.