Why People Go To Counseling and What They May Find There!

What is it, that makes people pick up the phone and call or email a counselor?  Why now rather than earlier or later?  My guess is that something got triggered in the client, a worry, fear, sadness and for some reason the timing felt right to work on what is going on internally.  Sometimes people go a long time with knowing something is bothering them but it feels overwhelming to try to find someone to work with and also some real concern for what will happen if  all of the things inside of the person that has been stuffed down comes out?   But at some point wanting some relief from the feelings outweigh the worry of what is going to happen in session.

These days a client either gets a referral for a therapist from a trusted source or they go online to look and see who is in their community that is working with the issues that is bothering them, and if they have insurance they check and see if the counselor takes insurance.  So the search begins to find someone  that the potential client feels is a good match.

I see counseling as a journey to learning about oneself and healing hurts and wounds that are inside the client.  So I would look for someone who you feel comfortable with talking to, someone who seems to understand you and your what you feel are some of the problems you are dealing with.  In order for real growth and work to be done, there has to be some trust.  It is a partnership of therapist and client that will enable the client to grow and learn.

So if you are ready for this, I say go forward and find someone.  At times it may seem hard or if not much is going on, trust me, it takes time to make things shift externally and internally.

Good luck in finding a good psychotherapist.