Grief and Loss Counseling by Frieda L. Ferrick, MFT: Grief and Loss: Part of Life and Living

Some of us have experienced loss at an early age, a death of a family member, or friend, parents fighting and or getting divorced, lack of money, shelter, dysfunctional parents, you get the drift.  Some of us are older when we experience heart ache, loss of a job or health, a death of a loved one, so my point in writing this is to acknowledge that all of us in some way will have to go through the grieving process.  Life is set up that even if you grew up in a stable home, you will experience break ups or death and that makes us all equal.

It feels strange at times to be grieving when everyone else around us might be going on with their lives and want us to be ok.  All of us need time to get through some of  big feelings that have overtaken our mind, heart and spirit.  Grief is a roller coaster ride, sometimes we will not know when it will hit us but it will, sometimes at the most unexpected times.

I really suggest receiving some type of support during this time.  Some people like to go into their caves and isolate, if this works for you, who am I to tell you what to do.  Most of us could use some type of arm to lean on, someone to talk to.  There are grief groups, counselors, religious leaders,  trustworthy friends or a family member to talk to.

Some people do really well with writing, art, listening to music or playing an instrument, walking in nature.  Whatever you decide will be helpful to you, know that you need time to mend your grief.

Whatever you do, remember, you are not alone.  Somewhere there is a listening ear and an open heart to receive you.