Accidental Deaths May Leave You, Shocked and Grieving: by Frieda L. Ferrick, MFT, Grief and Loss Counseling

When someone you know, a family member or friend dies in an accident, there is no chance to say goodbye, I love you, please be careful, you are precious, you are amazing, no there is no time to say any of this.  One minute the person is here with us, the next they are gone from life.  This is very hard on us physically and emotionally.We will feel shocked and full of grief at our loss.

It is a shock to the body, heart, mind and spirit.  It takes time to wrap our brain around the fact that this person, alive and well one minute is gone.  It is a hard part of life and yet these things to happen.  We can’t keep the people we love in bubble wrap and keep them safe. That is way when they die suddenly we have such a struggle in knowing what to do.   All we can do is love them to the best of our ability, let them know periodically that we care about them.  And hope for the best!

Be gentle and kind to yourself or anyone who has experienced this type of loss.  It will take time to feel part of life again.  Nature protects you at first by keeping you numb, over time you will start to have your feelings full blast and that is when the grief will come in waves and surprise you.

Please surround yourself with good people.  People that won’t rush you to feel better, people who will be there and let you cry and say whatever it is you need to say.

I am sorry for your loss, I wish we could wave a wand and make it go away but we can’t!

There are grief groups and grief counselors if and when you need to talk to someone who is a professional

Take care.