Expressing Grief Through Poetry

Grief runs through us as a river .  It can pull us in directions we never have imagined.  I would like to share some poems I have written about grief and loss.

                           The Roller Coaster Ride of Grief

Riding the unexpected

waves of grief

that feeling hits you

in the heart and the gut

never knowing

when you will be

slammed hard to the ground

your tears galling

on innocent pillows.

And you wonder,

will I ever feel

normal again?

and what is that anyway?

riding the roller coaster of grief

Time is relentless

yet you ache waiting for it

to keep moving you

away from the time

when you were left behind.

  Grief and Healing

Time is one of the healers of our heart’s wounds

As we move through stormy days

and months

the repairs begin

Through our pain

nature moves in

stitching our hearts back together

we start to see color

around us

is it ok for us to work and play?

sometimes it feels scary

being pulled back

into life

without the person

we loved so much

As we move

taking baby steps

one minute at a time

one hour at a time

we come back to our lives

with the understanding that we have changed

No matter how different we are

know that this love we had

is still with us.

Tears and Memories

There is no lessons that is such a mixture

of sadness,longing, and memory as grief

When someone you love dies

it is hard to breathe

and move through life again

And yet we do

I know this to be true

as a witness to my family and friends

Here is to life and love

tears and joy

silliness and strength

tears and memories

are what we are left with