Riding the Waves of Grief

Grief is a natural by product of loss.  When we love someone and they die or move away we are sad.  It hurts us, it is hard to breathe, concentrate, feel that we will ever be ok again.   The people in our lives who are not directly impacted by our loss, will try to make us feel better, and though we need their support, it is futile to rush our process.  Grieving takes its own path and time.  When we love someone, the loss of their absence does not ever go away completely.

Would we want to forget that person?  Would it feel right not to have any feelings?  Most of us need to ride the waves of grief, in some form or another.  Grieving is part of our being human.  We will bear our scars around our heart for the rest of our lives.  Would we want it to be any other way?  I really don’t think so, even though in the midst of the pain, we might just wish for all of it to just go away so we can resume our lives.

I can tell you, that there will be moments when you feel better, and then boom it will hit you with force, the grief will come back.  But, I can tell you, that over time, it will get less intense and you will be part of life again.  You will be changed by this experience and you will have to go through this a number of times in your lifetime.

There are people who specialize in working with grief and if you need their assistance, you can find someone in your community that can walk by your side during the worst of times.