Discover Who You Are!

There is no life that feels fulfilling if there is an absence of self-knowledge.  If we float in our lives, not understanding or knowing who we are, what we want, what we stand for, what work will fulfill us, we will be grasping at straws to keep us feeling satisfied.

Part of the lure of alcohol and drugs, food,  gambling, online addictions is that it keeps us from feeling what we need to know about ourselves.  We might feel empty and afraid to really cultivate the garden of our minds, bodies, hearts and souls.  Nothing that we pour into ourselves will help us to make the changes we might need to make.

Part of being a more happy person is acceptance of our strengths and challenges.  If you know who you are, you can keep working to strengthen your character,  grow and stretch beyond what you thought was possible.

How do we go about making these changes?  First of all we need to take the time to learn about ourselves by being alone for periods of time and check in.  Some people find writing in a journal helpful to explore our inner thoughts and dreams.  Talking to trusted friends, family members, clergy and or psychotherapists can help us evolve on a journey towards a more whole being.

It is important to nourish our bodies properly, less junk food, more vegetables, protein and fruit, exercise our bodies and minds, and have something that feeds our spirit.

We are all pieces of a larger puzzle, but we can start to put the pieces of our own puzzle together, one small piece at a time so that we don’t get overwhelmed by the enormity of the job we are trying to accomplish.  There is a reason people say make one small change at a time.

I wish you well on this walk into your own healthy future.