Aging Gracefully in A Difficult World: by Frieda L. Ferrick, MFT, 9/18/2017

Part of aging gracefully in today’s culture is learning about self-care.  Women, in particular get confused with the difference between being selfish and taking care of themselves.  Self-care is critical so that you can have energy and health to help others, get your job done and enjoy life. Being selfish is wanting something and not regarding the needs of others in your life.

Doing things that are creative is part of that self-care and will be addressed more in another blog.  Today I want to talk about the 3 important things to help keep your health flow more easily.  They are:                         1.  Exercise- this is the number one ticket that will keep your brain and body going longer.  You have to find something that you can do and keep up with.  If you hate something, don’t do that, find something else that will help you keep up with some type of regular program.  There is alot of information written about this important component of good health.

2.  Nutrition-this is the fuel that keeps your body going, if you feed it a diet of junk food, it will not serve you well.  I suggest lots of vegetables, some fruits, protein and healthy fat should be high on your list of what you put in your mouth.

3.  Sleep-enough sleep at night is crucial for your well being.

So, I hope you start today working on improving your health and life.

Here’s to good mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.